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Simple I.T.

Simplyfing I.T with Cloud and Managed Solutions 

Cloud Management 

Cloud Management making IT easier than ever. No need for costly on-site service calls. Making changes to phone lines, wifi passwords, and Firewall settings are just a couple of clicks away.

Network Infrastructure 

Most onsite services calls are a symptom of poor infrastructure. Faulty connections tangles network cables, un-organized IT rooms, cost clients money. At the Greko we integrate the entire process, to be the most efficient system posible. 


Security is our top priority. Success in any industry can only be acompllished with parallel security. 

Simplyfing complex network systems

One company to manage everything. Wireless, Servers, Network, Phones, Surveillance, Fiber, Audio/Video. 


Product and Service Partners 

Cisco Meraki

Creating cloud networks with Meraki at its heart. Greko is a select retailer for Meraki. We have the expertise to make it happen. Like Meraki we are dedicated to monitor and mantain every aspect of you network .

Ubiquiti Unifi Networks

Turn Key solutions for almost any buisness budget. If you are trying to connect an entire arena or just trying to extend wifi access in the office, unifi has a solution for you. The Greko will help you deploy it. 

Comcast Metro Buisness 

Internet services providers are key to the continuity of any buisness. That is why at the greko we take pride in our close relation with Comcast Metro. Down time and respose times are a lot faster when you are working with us. 


Cisco is comitted to providing end to end network soulutions. I.O.T (internet of things) is dramaticly changing buisness around the world. Cisco understands this. Keeping you connected complicates its self every day. With Cisco and the Greko you will find guidance navigation this complex connction world. 

One Stop Shop 

Everything technology 

Survillance Security 

The Greko is a leading provider of survilance systems in the Houston area. Helping buisness keep a closer eye on thier bottom line

Control Systems

All System integrators. Audio and video have become complex systems that require highly trained IT professionals that you will find at the Greko. 

Video Distribution 

Video destribution done right. Video solutions are key to retail, restaurant, and service industries. Trust the Greko to Install and Set up your video distribution system. 

Audio Systems 

Silence drives customers insane. Background music is a must in most retail environments. The Greko is an offical Retailer of Bose and QSC audio. From Bars to gyms the Greko has set them up.


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Office Anywhere 

Catering department without limits. A Cloud Centrlized office, to keep employees connected with clients at all times.

Recipe Vison 

11 locations, 4 distinct brands, 30 chefs
One Central Recipe Book

MID-LAND to Houston 

Midland to Houston
Security on the clould with advanced analytics 

Automated Distributors 

Technology to maximize profits. IOT products that keep the Distribution Moving

Video Wall Without limits 

Sunday Morning games on 4 diffrent screens or Monday night on 130″ LED Display

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