Managed IT Services
At the greko we know that any project starts with sustainable tech environment. How can any automation, analytics, or even any business be done without reliable robust systems in place? The system infrastructure of our clients is our up most priority. Our managed IT services philosophy is simple, just like Murphy’s Law “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. We minimize every possible mal-function in our clients systems by implementing systematic preventive measures. With our cloud based systems managers we minimize on site IT cost. This applies to all of our services; firewall, wifi, VoIp, surveillance, and even PCI compliance scans. We understand that techs on site are a… <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Data security has never been more at risk. It has been proven time after time that hacks and data breaches can be avoided if systematic security implementations are in effect. This means keeping all end users up to date on operating systems and securing internal networks.  Outdated implementations used by IT personnel can result in compromised data. At the greko, we continuously work towards more efficiently secure networks.  This is achieved by using the correct hardware with the sophisticated cloud based architecture. Our clients benefit from uninterrupted monitoring of both clients  on the network and network infrastructure hardware. At the heart of each project a viciously monitored firewall is at place which gives clients:… <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
Data Analytics
Data is no longer just files on a document folder. With the expansion of I.O.T ( Internet of things) data can be collected and analyzed at rates not possible before. At Greko, we first analyze the data gathered from the various data entry points throughout your business. Then, we make recommendations based on data patterns, sales reports, and inventory forms. Even security footage can be used and analyzed to make these recommendations. Our end goal is to have your business increase profit margins by cutting losses and maximizing productivity.                          

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