Security Cameras



Do you need high quality home security in the Houston area and its surroundings ? Look no more. We offer the most sophisticated surveillance camera equipment to fit your specific needs, at the most competitive prices.

Prevent crime, home invasion, and vandalism. If a crime does happen, get the evidence you need. Did you know that your house is three times more likely to be targeted by a burglar if you don’t have a security system? Don’t be at risk! 

  • Professional Installation

  • Three Year Warranty

  • Free Tech Support

  • Remote Access From Your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

  • Full HD 1080P 

  • No Monthly Fees

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Video surveillance can be key to many different aspects of your business. Employee productivity can vastly be increased with video monitoring. We aim at not only supplying our clients with the benefits of video security monitoring but also implementing video surveillance for business purposes. Restaurant clients can keep eyes on kitchen staff making sure that employees are up to par with company requirement. Wear-house clients can insure the productivity of staff with remote monitoring. Oil Fields can make sure that that staff is following safety regulation.

The surveillance solution that the greko offers are to costume to every one of our clients. All of our clients benefit from remote surveillance and of-site data collection.

Many surveillance companies offer the bear minimum of services, while the greko creates solutions that go above and beyond our clients requirement.

Our knowledge in mobile and static networks, gives us the upper hand in deploying security solution. For example our partnership with Cisco gives us the access to mobile routers with 4G connectivity such as the Cisco 800 (IISR), that can help us implement mobile surveillance with constant Internet connectivity. Giving our end user the ability to monitor remote areas without the need have an actual inter connection. Using the same solution we can also implement Buisness integration and Automation Solutions.