At the greko we know that any project starts with sustainable tech environment. How can any automation, analytics, or even any business be done without reliable robust systems in place? The system infrastructure of our clients is our up most priority. Our managed IT services philosophy is simple, just like Murphy’s Law “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. We minimize every possible mal-function in our clients systems by implementing systematic preventive measures.

With our cloud based systems managers we minimize on site IT cost. This applies to all of our services; firewall, wifi, VoIp, surveillance, and even PCI compliance scans. We understand that techs on site are a costly expense to both you and us.

Your business is priority and understand that having to deal with IT issues is a distraction from every day business. This is why we manage every aspect of your network and Systems. Deal with your business matters and we deal with the geeky computer stuff you don’t have the patience for.