Today’s businesses run on wireless networks. At the greko we understand that. The days of  worker stations are gone. Employee mobility and wireless devices require redundant and robust wireless networks. Unlike many plug and play wireless solutions implemented by low tier IT’s  our network engineers understand wireless as a complex and precise science. This science is made exact by multiple variables such as:

  1. Client load
  2. Client data usage
  3. Environment area
  4. Environmental Obstructions                              

To name a few. We are meticulous in our designs of wireless networks. Signal maps are repeatedly tested to ensure signal reliability. The greko was born in the age of fiber unlike our competitors. We comprehend the sharing of big data wirelessly is a necessity. This is why wireless networks are designed to withstand large wireless data loads. We use the latest 4×4:4 MU-MIMO  radio technology to deliver the largest wireless interfaces as fast as 2.5 Gigabits per second speed rates. Maximizing the investment of your fiber networks. You pay for one Gig up and down you get one Gig up and down.

Our network engineers never compromise security for speed. Wireless is a necessity not only in connectivity, but also in day to day operations. With fiber the greko can successfully ensure a  99.5% connection uptime.