Data security has never been more at risk. It has been proven time after time that hacks and data breaches can be avoided if systematic security implementations are in effect. This means keeping all end users up to date on operating systems and securing internal networks.  Outdated implementations used by IT personnel can result in compromised data.

At the greko, we continuously work towards more efficiently secure networks.  This is achieved by using the correct hardware with the sophisticated cloud based architecture. Our clients benefit from uninterrupted monitoring of both clients  on the network and network infrastructure hardware.

At the heart of each project a viciously monitored firewall is at place which gives clients:

  1. Security from undesired remote access
  2. Protection from undesired internal network users
  3. Client to client protection
  4. PCI Compliance peace of mind ( non recurring cost)
  5. Monitored secured guest access
  6. Client network analytics