Our Managed services enable our clients to meet their business goals by providing them with all the tools components , and processes that they may need.  Our partnership with Cisco Meraki enables us to offer a solution that provides centralized management of tablets , Macs , PCs , and the entire network from a consolidated control panel. Some of the advantages of using our managed services are:

  • Reduction of total costs of IT problems
  • Increase in revenues
  • More security
  • Predictable budgeting
  • Less down time

The ability to have control of your entire network on a centralized dashboard allows you to manage, diagnose and monitor all  the mobile devices managed by your organization and on your network.  This platform allows you to see analytics such as client hardware/software information and geo mapping.

Centralized management helps you keep your organization under constant control by giving you the ability to enforce policies across mobile devices administered by our organization. This helps you protect the  devices and their data. Control data usage by enforcing passcodes and restricting network access to managed devices. Improve security by enforcing  data encryption.

Instead of manually setting  up  devices for network connectivity or relying on end users to do so, Cisco Meraki  manager systems makes it easy to define and deploy network settings like wireless connectivity, security settings, and remote VPN access to all devices on your network.